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Informants narrows their agenda down into two categories: Worship and Mission. Drawing from a close knit of friends with musical influences from inspirational worship to hardcore, Informants desires to create a worship atmosphere where people can experience the very presence of God and learn what He can do with just a few lives that are totally abandoned to him. Worship is the start, Mission always follows. Informants believes that they are messengers that not only spread they’re message lyrically, but also through the art of music. Based out of St. John’s, NL, they are pioneering a movement of acceptance, art, worship, and mission in their local communities and churches.


Informants officially formed as a band in 2012 when each member returned to their home in Newfoundland. Each member were on different paths in life but when they returned to the city of St. John’s, they decided to start playing music together again just for themselves. Eventually, they played in front of audiences and grew organically. They played Atlantic Canada’s largest youth conference, YC Newfoundland, two years in a row where they built close relationships with some headlining bands and were invited to tour. In 2014, Informants decided to transition their project from just a hobby to a full time ministry.

2014 has become a very busy and successful year for Informants. They have released their highly acclaimed album Ezekiel in October 2014. Furthermore, they have went on two Canadian and two American tours, playing over sixty events, and partnering with major players including worship artist Bluetree, and Social Justice Organizations World Vision Canada and World Orphans USA.

2015 will not slow down for Informants by any means. It will certainly be their busiest year so far. They are already scheduled for 3 major Christian conferences in Canada, 3 USA tours, an International Social Justice project, and a live album project. Informants is excited to spread the cause of Worship & Mission everywhere they go.

Song Lyrics & Chords

Ezekiel                                                                                                                                            Worship & Mission

I Belong                                                                                                                                           Hope and Love

God’s Fixing Us                                                                                                                               Ever After

Start in me                                                                                                                                      Dreams of the West

You Put This Love In My Heart                                                                                                     You Surround




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